Research Paper Guidelines
The purpose is to show your research and your thinking about the material.
  • It should be 3-4 pages per team
  • Avoid fancy fonts (standard is 12 point Times New Roman)
  • Address at least two elements of the civilization

In your introduction:
Give enough information so that your reader has some general ideas about your civilization—for example,
  • where was it located
  • how large was it
  • when did it thrive
  • when did it end

In the body of the paper:
  • Take a stance toward your material. Express an opinion that is backed up by the facts you have found.
  • What should someone remember about this civilization that you think is important?

In your conclusion:
  • Link your research to our essential question---what is power?
  • Show the challenges the people of this civilization faced and how they responded in one of these areas
    • Physical environment (droughts, floods, mountains, harsh climate…)
    • Neighboring nations
    • Feeding a large population
    • Maintaining control (of the government, of the people, of public order…)
Project Guidelines

The purpose is to show and share what you have learned.

Ø It should include a visual component.
Ø It should engage the audience.
Ø Plan to use about ten minutes.

Forms may be

o PowerPoint
o Movie
o Model
o Skit
o Board Game
o Fictional or short story (such as a trader’s journey)
o Paintings
o Clay or wax models
o Replica of an artifact
o Backdrop for a tale
o Costumes